Churchill At Bay

The Rehearsal


Tim Smallwood

The rehearsal begins...

L to R: Neville Chamberlain (Jim Murtaugh),  Lord Halifax (Richard Easton), Winston Churchill (Brian Murray), Arthur Greenwood (Jay Patterson) and Clement Attlee (Jack Davidson)

The playwright, Robin Glendinning

Lou Liberatore & Brian Murray

Jay Patterson and Jack Davidson

Whitney Crothers Dilley hands a menu

to Jim Murtaugh

Abigail Zealey Bess, Director,   Robin Glendinning, Playwright and Bob Crothers, Producer

Jim Murtaugh and Richard Easton

Jay Patterson, Jack Davidson and Thomas Lyons

Tim Smallwood, Jim Murtaugh and Lou Liberatore

Brian Murray

Abigail Zealey Bess

Richard Easton

Stage Manager; Stefania Schramm

Denny Bess

Robin Glendinning

Whitney Crothers Dilley and Robin Glendinning

Thomas Lyons